Bren Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Technology

No battery replacement cost and energy optimization for sensor

We make your business more intelligence with self-powered wireless sensor using ultra-low power technology.
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Continuous monitoring

Industrial IoT using continuous monitoring generates analytics report integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence submodels.

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Steam Trap Monitoring

Steam power is one of widely and costly the technologies in nowadays. Unless regular maintenance of steam traps is performed, they are 30 % failures of traps, it causes 20 % of steam leakage in every year. Systems consume more energy due to need of steam capacity. BREN is industrial IoT batteryless sensor technology to monitor steam traps transferring data of failure, energy, maintenance cost and plan related to component.

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Why Bren?

We are digital bridge to access quality & efficiency.

Continuous Tracking

Instead of manual inspection, continuous online tracking provides real-time data and instantly operation opportunity

Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Networks

Self-powered wireless sensor technology enables to eliminate battery replacement costs. Battery life is still big challenge even if it has long-life due to optimizing need and data-driven time.

Trusted Automate Insights and Analysis

Collected data needs to be useful, if it is transformed into actionable insights. BrenCloud has innovated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. Data analytics algorithms generate automated alerts, notifications, and status updates and saving report. 

Easy to Deploy and Operate

Bren has high sensivity sensor that measures (humidity,temperature, pressure etc.) requirements data and compatible to all sectors. Impressive design are flexible and compatible to different usage areas.

Continuous Tracking

Real-time data controls

Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Networks

Batteryless wireless sensor technology eliminates battery and replacement costs.

Trusted Automate Insights and Analysis

Data analytics notifications with artificial intelligence for IIoT

Easy to Deploy and Operate

Bren's innovative design has ability to deploy easily and adaptable.

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The product integrated artificial intelligence on cloud based is quitely beneficial, steam lekage is detected with continuous tracking.. Steam generation cost will be decreased significantly with using Bren STM to monitor steam trap. Besides, self -powered sensor is amazing technology and innovative solution eliminating battery and replacement cost.

Mutahhar Akça, Maintenance Manager ALTON AIR SPRINGS

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