Digital Steps to Improve Combined Cycle Power Plant Performance



Many modern gas-fired power plants use combined cycle technology. This technology combines gas turbines and steam turbines. First, a gas turbine powered by natural gas generates electricity. Then, the hot gas generated by this gas turbine is used for an additional generation of electrical energy through a steam turbine. Therefore, steam generation is important for combined cycle power plants. In this context, the blowdown valves are among the steam equipment with intense leaks that are not visible to the eye. Due to the very hot process and the inability to perform manual inspections, the equipment could be inspected during annual maintenance periods so that it could be replaced if a malfunction was found. The difficulties experienced in manual inspections and the inability to quickly detect problems at critical points were becoming a major problem for the plant and they took action to solve this problem.


As a result of the researches, they met with Brenpower's solutions. Thus, it was requested to monitor 20 blowdown valves of the 1st steam boiler, which seemed critical, and to install monitors on the blowdown valves. In the first stage, these blowdown valves were monitored for 1 year and invisible leaks could be detected and predictive maintenance could be performed. In the following year, monitors were installed on 20 blowdown valves installed in another steam boiler, and thus steps were taken for full-time monitoring of the valves and digitalization.



  • Significant energy cost savings were achieved thanks to instantly available fault warnings.
  • Preventive intervention was made with cold steam trap notification against the risk of equipment freezing in the outdoor environment.
  • In order to optimize steam system efficiency, faults other than leaks were detected and intervened immediately with artificial intelligence plans.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that there is no line revision and production does not stop.
  • The fact that the device generates its own energy saves battery costs and prevents cable pulling.