BREN STAR: The Noninvasive, Smart Steam Flow Monitoring

BREN STAR, with its steam flow monitoring, allows you to continuously monitor the instantaneous flow rate by analyzing the amount of steam passing through production and consumption points with temperature data it constantly collects, providing you with hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly reports.


BREN STAR - Steam Flow Monitoring

BREN STAR is an advanced solution developed to monitor and optimize industrial steam production and consumption processes effectively. With this technology, you can continuously track real-time steam flows and analyze steam production and consumption amounts with hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly reports. The issues commonly associated with traditional steam systems such as high costs, temperature fluctuations, and energy consumption are eliminated with BREN STAR, making steam management much more efficient and effective. Additionally, BREN STAR provides you with the advantage of monitoring and observing real-time energy losses and interruptions caused by steam valve malfunctions and leaks, contributing to both reduced energy costs and sustainability support.

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Cutting-Edge Noninvasive Sensing Seamless Installation, Undisrupted Continuity 

The BREN STAR Flow Monitoring embraces the leading edge of noninvasive monitoring technology. Effortlessly integrating into your existing infrastructure, it offers a powerful solution without the need for system downtime or complex installations.

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Wireless and Batteryless Innovation Empowered by Smart Design

 BREN STAR operates with a revolutionary wireless and batteryless design, ensuring an eco-friendly and maintenance-free experience. It measures steam flow with impeccable precision, unfettered by the constraints of wired connections or the need for battery replacements.

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Effective Software Integration Data-Driven Production and Consumption Analysis

Harness the full potential of your steam system with BREN STAR's advanced software. It doesn’t just measure it informs and transforms. Compare production and consumption points with ease, bringing you a comprehensive understanding of your operations.

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Pressure Fluctuation Analysis Maintain System Integrity

Navigate the complexities of steam pressure with BREN STAR’s intelligent analysis. It detects pressure fluctuations and drops across pipelines, providing the foresight needed to maintain system integrity and performance.

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Optimized Energy Usage The Path to Efficiency

By highlighting disparities in steam production and consumption, BREN STAR's analytical prowess empowers you to optimize energy use. It goes beyond monitoring, offering a path to reduced costs and enhanced sustainability.


Key Features of Steam Flowmeter


Innovative Energy Solutions

Brenpower specializes in cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of energy production and management.

Noninvasive Steam Flowmeters

A hallmark product, Brenpower’s steam flowmeters offer noninvasive installation, minimizing downtime and disruption in industrial environments.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics

Advanced monitoring systems provide real-time data, allowing businesses to make immediate adjustments to their energy use for enhanced efficiency.

Smart Sensor Technology

Utilizing self-powered, batteryless sensors, Brenpower’s devices ensure continuous operation without the need for frequent maintenance or battery changes.

Wireless Connectivity

Streamlined integration with existing systems through wireless technology facilitates effortless monitoring and data transmission.

Comprehensive Reporting

From instantaneous flow rates to long-term trends, Brenpower offers detailed reports that help businesses understand and optimize their energy usage.

User-Friendly Interfaces

Systems designed for ease of use, enabling users of all technical backgrounds to manage their energy solutions effectively.

Durable and Robust Equipment

Brenpower’s equipment is engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial environments, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Customizable Solutions

Tailoring their offerings to meet specific industry needs, Brenpower provides solutions that can be customized for various applications and sectors.

 Sustainability Focused

By focusing on efficient energy use and advanced monitoring, Brenpower aids companies in reducing their carbon footprint and supporting sustainability initiatives.

Expert Support and Service

Brenpower prides itself on its exceptional customer service, providing expert support, training, and assistance to ensure clients get the most out of their energy management systems.


The technologies offered by Brenpower are scalable, suitable for small operations as well as large-scale industrial applications, allowing for growth and expansion.

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