About Us

Innovative technologies that bring significant improvements to sustainability issues for both industry and people.

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Who is BREN?

Our company whose focus is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), aims to provide energy, maintenance, and time savings to the industry. Our company, which offers domestic hardware and software solutions, markets its patented products on a global scale with its 15 years of R&D knowledge. BREN has set out with the goal of integrating to the age of Industry 4.0 and digitalization firstly in Turkey, after all over the world. Bren enables its customers to reach their future vision and goals faster with the systems it installs.



Integration into digitalization is one of the most difficult issues for corporate businesses. Bren provides sustainable solutions by bringing the world to your facility with fast, reliable, and unique technologies that offer end-to-end solutions.

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Company Principles


Sustainable Solutions Focused on Maximum Efficiency.


Protect the Future with Smart Technologies.


Simplify, excel, and continuously improve.


What are we doing?

We enable you to constantly monitor your industry-critical equipment with our artificial intelligence-based software platforms. In order for your production to be at maximum efficiency and to continue at minimum risk, we reduce your costs. Also, we enable you to save time and energy by performing predictive and preventive maintenance.

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