BREN VM - Valve Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Valves are systems through which steam of high temperature and flow rate is passed in the power plants. The failure of these valves of large diameters causes damage to the business in many ways, which leads to serious damages in case that the leakages and losses cannot be noticed. A substantial loss of steam which occurs as a result of failures and the occupational safety issues experienced in case of jamming and failure are accompanied by the most serious risks.

Bren VM intelligent sensor technology minimizes the damages and losses by providing the valves operating at a high capacity with intelligence.

An artificial intelligence-based BrenCloud industrial IoT platform, which provides an instant notification of blockages and steam leakages, monitors all valves and allows you to detect the ones which fail and require maintenance in a short period of time.


  • Real-Time Valve Analysis
  • Compatible with All Steam Lines
  • Battery-Free Sensor Technology
  • 24/7 Monitoring with IoT
  • Alternative Renewable Power Generator
  • Notifications are made via instant SMS, E-Mail and the Platform by continuous data analysis.

Applicable Sectors

  • Energy
  • Chemistry
  • Packaging
  • Textile
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Plastic-Rubber
  • Iron and Steel
  • Food and Beverage